Boiler Services

Getting your boiler installed by a certified engineer is not the end. To get it to function effectively, boiler servicing plays a vital role. Servicing your boiler every 12 months ensures that your boiler is burning the fuel safely and efficiently and not getting at the risk of poisonous Carbon monoxide emissions.

Annual Boiler servicing is mandatory in U.K, and not doing it will make your boiler slip out of its warranty. Landlords and letting agents are bound to get their boilers serviced by a Gas Safe registered engineer and provide the Landlord Gas Safety Certificate, ensuring that their boilers are running flawlessly.

Affordable Boiler Services in Essex

FAS Plumbing and Heating Ltd. has established a team of experienced gas safe registered engineers to provide the most affordable boiler services in and around Essex. In this process,we do a thorough check,where we detect whether there is any leakages or faults in your heating system to prevent any future mishaps.Annual boiler servicing is not only essential for safety but also to get value of your boiler warranty in case of breakdowns.

Boiler Services

Benefits of Boiler Servicing

A boiler helps to maintain a comfortable room temperature. Therefore, malfunctioning of a boiler can not only hamper the comfort of your room, but it can also lead to serious hazards like fire, explosion, and carbon monoxide leakages.

A yearly service from a gas safe registered engineer can benefit you in many ways :

Once your boiler gets serviced, the engineer can detect the minor or the major faults it has got and can get that fixed. It can therefore save you from huge expenses and huge damages in the coming future.

Safety is definitely a concern for any homeowner and even, minor negligence can be fatal for you and your family. So better get your boiler serviced at least once a year by a gas-safe registered engineer to prevent any of these mishaps.Call us on 07872471587.

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