Boiler Service Essex

Have got your boiler installed and working fine? So whats' next?

Even if your boiler is working alright,it might come up with issues while its' functioning.So getting your boiler installed by a certified engineer is not the end. To get it to function effectively, boiler servicing plays a vital role.Get the Best Boiler Service Essex with us and get your boiler serviced every 12 months.Doing this will give you the peace of mind that your boiler is burning the fuel safely and efficiently and not getting at the risk of poisonous Carbon monoxide emissions.

Annual Boiler servicing is mandatory in U.K, and not doing it will make your boiler slip out of its warranty. Landlords and letting agents are bound to get their boilers serviced by a Gas Safe registered engineer and provide the Landlord Gas Safety Certificate, ensuring that their boilers are running flawlessly.

Affordable Boiler Service Essex

FAS Plumbing and Heating Ltd. has established a team of experienced gas safe registered engineers to provide the most affordable boiler service in and around Essex. In this process,we do a thorough check,where we detect whether there is any leakages or faults in your heating system to prevent any future mishaps.Annual boiler servicing is not only essential for safety but also to get value of your boiler warranty in case of breakdowns.

Boiler Service Essex

Benefits of Boiler Servicing

A boiler helps to maintain a comfortable room temperature. Therefore, malfunctioning of a boiler can not only hamper the comfort of your room, but it can also lead to serious hazards like fire, explosion, and carbon monoxide leakages.

A yearly service from a gas safe registered engineer can benefit you in many ways :

Once your boiler gets serviced, the engineer can detect the minor or the major faults it has got and can get that fixed. It can therefore save you from huge expenses and huge damages in the coming future.

Most of the boiler manufacturers claim to get your boilers serviced annually so that you can get the Warranty Benefits.So if you want to get the benefit,you can not afford to miss your Boiler Servicing any year..

Boiler Servicing mainly checks the air tightness of the boilers,so that thaey are no leakages.Leakages can cause your boiler loss of fuel which can make your electricity bills creep higher.

Mainly in older and faulty boilers,leakages can be of CarbonMonoxide,which can be fatal for you and your surrounding environment.Boiler Servicing also does a thorough check on the CO and combustion levels ,ensuring you a healthy environment.

Explosions and mishaps rarely happen but they do happen if your boiler is not serviced in the right intervals.

While your boiler gets serviced,it also gets cleaned thoroughly so that it can work more efficiently.A clean boiler is no doubt an effective boiler.Dirt mainly accumulats in the boiler in flues,magnetic fitters etc which can reduce its efficiency.

Safety is definitely a concern for any homeowner and even, minor negligence can be fatal for you and your family. So better get your boiler serviced at least once a year by a gas-safe registered engineer to prevent any of these mishaps.Call us on 07872471587.

What makes us special ?

We are available anytime to provide you the service.

We provide reliable service.

We charge affordable rates.

A boiler service involves a lot of steps that a gas engineer follows.At first,they would do a thorough visual check up if there’s anything wrong in the system.Once they detect the issues(if any) and get them correct,they test run the appliance to ensure its running all good.Finally,he cleans the system and gives you a report with the details about the health of the boiler.Thereby, as you have your boiler serviced by a professional gas engineer,you avail the peace of mind of having a safe and effectively operating boiler.

Depending on the type of the system and its complexity,it takes around 30 -60 minutes to service your gas boiler.With this minimum time given to thoroughly analyse your boiler ,you can get the maximum benefit of an effective boiler.

Not anyone can sevice a gas boiler.For that you need to hire a gas safe registered heating engineer.So you can not hire any plumber as all might not have that certificate.

Definitely.its’ very important to have a boiler service to validate the boiler warranty.Most boiler manufacturers will deprive you of any boiler warranty benefits if you fail to provide any evidence of regular boiler servicing.

If your boiler is all fit and fine,you might be wondering why you should spend in servicing it.But,actually, that cost worths a lot.Most importantly,this inspection process helps to identify minor defects in the system,thereby minimizing sudden major breakdowns.Thus it saves you from the big hassle and huge expense,you bear for a damaged boiler.

If your boiler is all fit and fine,you might be wondering why you should spend in servicing We are local to Essex,and also cover the different areas like Romford,Barkingside,Illford,Buckhurst hill,Brentwood,Chigwell,Barking,Hackney,Dagenham,Chingford,Hornchurch,Tottenham,Grays,Chelmsford,Woodford Green and Enfield.

Yes,all the plumbers and gas engineers in F.A.S Plumbing & Heating Ltd. are licensed to perform all the plumbing and heating jobs,mentioned in the site.

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