Landlord Gas Safety Certificate

Landlord Gas Safety Certificate Services in Essex

To get the Most Affordable Landlord Gas Safety Certificate Services in Essex, contact F.A.S Plumbing & Heating Ltd on 07872 471587.If you are a landlord or any letting agent in Essex, you can have that peace of mind, that with us, your Landlord Gas Safety Certificate Service is not creating a hole in your pocket, and your rented property is also going to get thoroughly inspected to be safe. Moreover, for the better safety of your tenants and your property, we fit carbon monoxide detectors and heat alarms to get you notified about anything unsafe happening on your property.

What is Landlord Gas Safety Certificate ?

As a landlord when you are letting out your property to your tenants, it is a must by the law to get your home inspected by a gas safety engineer. Once it is thoroughly checked by a registered engineer and is certified to be safe, the landlord can lawfully get permission to rent.Theres' where the landlord get the Landlord Gas Safety Certificate.

This mainly ensures the safety of your tenants. Definitely, this certificate values a lot for the landlord. Therefore, a proper and detailed inspection process gets conducted to check the safety of all the appliances of the rented property.


How can we help you to get qualified for the certificate?

Our technicians are all well trained and experienced to do the inspection work. In this Gas Safety Check, they inspect how the gas appliances of that property are functioning, whether these appliances are adjusted and fitted correctly or not. They will also see if there is any gas leakage in the pipeworks or there is anything wrong with the chimneys, flues, and air vents of your home.

Once the inspection process is over, the landlord gets a certificate from the registered technician stating that your property is safe to be rented. Gas Safety of the tenants is the landlord's responsibility. So, a landlord must conduct this Gas Safety Check at least once a year.

Uk law only allows the Gas safe registered engineers to issue this certificate as this document maintains the safety record of the gas appliances.

You can contact FAS plumbing and heating services as all the technicians here are Gas safe registered and they are all aware of these norms and rules.

In this Gas Safety Check, we give a detailed picture of

Description and location of the appliances verified.

Whether there are any kind of issues identified in the gas appliances during this Gas Safety Check

What kind of gas safety measures have been taken during the inspection process.

Whether there are any issues that require some action in the coming future .

The date on which the appliance has been checked .

Name , Registration number and Signature of the inspecting engineer.

Details of the Landlord