Unvented Hot Water Cylinder Installation

In the climate of the UK, life turns very uncomfortable without a proper hot water supply at home. There's where Hot water cylinders play their role. There are two types of Hot Water Cylinders.

Vented Hot Water Cylinders

Vented Hot Water Cylinders, as the name suggests, make the use of vented pipes that supplies water from the cold water tanks in the loft, moving it downwards to the hot water cylinders. This traditional technique of hot water supply mainly functions on the gravitational pull of the earth. The water once goes into these cylinders, gets heated by either a boiler or an immersion heater, which gets circulated to the hot water taps.


Unvented hot water cylinders

On the other hand, unvented hot water cylinders do not require any vented pipes or any cold water tanks to function.

Cold Water gets stored and heated in these hot water cylinders with the help of an immersion heater or an indirectly heated system. Therefore, it is much more technical and upgraded.

Why are people getting more inclined towards unvented hot water cylinders?

Vented hot water cylinders involve a less complicated, budget-friendly installation process, but still, people are found to have a higher preference for unvented hot water cylinders. There are multiple reasons behind it which have been explained below :

1. Homeowners prefer to look for alternatives that can bring higher water pressure on their taps and showers. Especially if it is a residence with multiple bathrooms, which can get busy at a time, low water flow is a common issue with the traditional system. Unvented hot water cylinders help in fulfilling that requirement because here water comes out directly from the cold water mains supply.

2. Vented hot water cylinders require a Coldwater tank to function, which takes away a huge amount of space in the home. People don't want to lose space in their homes because of the storage tank.

3.Unvented hot water cylinders involve less contamination as it is a closed system.

4. Filling water from vented pipes in vented hot water cylinders can cause disturbing noise, which can be avoided in its upgraded counterpart.

Unvented Hot Water Cylinder Installation Services in Essex

We provide one of the best Unvented Hot water cylinder installation services in Essex. Our technicians are fully aware of how the unvented hot water cylinder works and how fatal a simple technical error can be. We make sure that there are no technical defects at the time of installation, and you can get a safe and comfortable service