Catering Equipment Services in Essex

Are you running a business in the UK, where you are using Gas Appliances for cooking, preparing, and even storing food?

FAS PLUMBING AND HEATING LTD is always there for you with Catering Equipment Services.

You might be running a restaurant, cafe, canteen, pub, catering business, fast food outlet, etc. If you are using Gas appliances for any commercial cooking purpose, it is a mandate to have them running effectively with no flaws because FAS PLUMBING AND HEATING LTD is always there for you with Catering Equipment Services.

A simple error in the installation process or not having a proper gas safety check can lead to huge mishaps like Cabon Monoxide emissions and can even cause explosions. It can definitely affect the safety of your workers, customers, your business and can also ruin its reputation.

So, better not give way to more mishaps and troubles get a well-qualified and experienced engineer to do your job. At F.A.S plumbing and Heating services, we have a team of Gas Safe registered engineers who have got the knowledge and expertise to get your catering equipment run effectively and safely.

Our service is available 24/7. So if it is an installation job or any emergency breakdown recovery or any scheduled Gas Safety Check, we can get that done for you at any given time.

Catering Equipment Services

Moreover, you will get our skilled professionals to provide you fast and effective service, ensuring less interruption to your business.

We do

Catering Equipment Installation

Catering Equipment Servicing & Repairing

Catering Equipment Gas Safety Checks

Why we are special?

At F.A.S Plumbing & Heating Ltd., we understand how important a role kitchens play in your business. We ensure that all your commercial gas appliances are working to their highest efficiency and not causing any interruption to your business operation because of Catering Equipment Services.

As we have a Gas Safe registered engineers team, we also get them trained at certain intervals to keep them well updated with the recent changes in Catering Equipment services. We look forward to guaranteeing you a more safer and proficient service, Catering Equipment Services.

With F.A.S, you can rest assured that your gas appliances are all in safe hands. For your better convenience, we can also install the gas interlocking system at your place to prevent the emission of poisonous CO gas to a greater extent.

We pride ourselves in giving your installation and repair requirements get a budget-friendly solution within a stipulated time.

So if you require any assistance with Catering Equipment Installation, Catering Gas Safety Check, or any Catering Equipment Breakdown Recovery or Repairing, call us on 07872471587.