Apart from the other plumbing and heating services, Commercial Boiler Installation is one of the most important services, F.A.S Plumbing & Heating Ltd. is providing nowadays. As boilers play an important role in your home, so it does for your workplace. Adequate heating and hot water supply get your commercial space comfortable and convenient for your workers, clients, and visitors. So, here’s where lies the importance of having a trusted boiler at your job place.

Now at F.A.S Plumbing & Heating Ltd., we have got fully certified and experienced gas engineers to get your commercial boiler installation safe and effective.

We also provide services such as

  1. Commercial Boiler Servicing
  2. Commercial Boiler Repair

Who can do Commercial Boiler Installation?

Commercial Boiler Installation requires the gas engineer to have a special license to work on your commercial boilers. Moreover, the professional should also be fully qualified and certified to use the latest types of equipment for it.

 Commercial boilers are different from Residential boilers as they have a higher capacity, usually with the ability to support the higher needs for heating and hot water. Be it a warehouse, a retail outlet, or any office, you can get your space safe and cozy with our best Commercial Boiler Installation.

What’s actually the capacity of a Commercial Boiler?

As told earlier, Commercial boilers have a higher volume and capacity than Residential boilers. But, how big it will be, that matters on the size of the space, the heat it requires, and also the amount of its waste heat. Generally more the space area, the more thermal units of heat your boiler must be produced to heat the space. Moreover, depending on what kind of commercial space. you are operating, the Boiler Capacity also matters.

 A small shop would not need that much heating and hot water, as it should for any big office or any industrial unit. And, also for a swimming pool, you would require more hot water, whereas, for the office, you would need mostly heating. Even, in some industrial units, boilers take a major part in the operation and thereby need to produce maximum output.
So, all that matters when you determine what your Commercial Boiler Capacity should be. However, in general, commercial gas boilers are in the range of 250 kW to 1500 kW.

What’s the Average Longevity of a Commercial Boiler?

Usually,10-15 years is taken to be the average life span of any Commercial Boiler. However, improper maintenance can get its life even shorter. Regular servicing and maintenance is most required to get your commercial boiler to serve longer and better.

Anyways, once the boiler gets past this age, it is wiser to get it replaced by a newer, more efficient system.

What are the Signs of Commercial Boiler Replacement?

Boilers work harder than any other appliance in your home. And for which you need to take proper care of it and also need to get it replaced after a time. But it might be before the usual time that the boiler might start showing certain signs indicating its end days.


Higher Energy Bills: An unexpected rise in the figures in your energy bills might be an indication that your boiler is malfunctioning. Here, the culprit might be just a faulty boiler part, that needs to be repaired or replaced. But, mostly,if it is because of the boiler turning that old and inefficient, opting for a newer one can be a better idea.

Strange Noises: A small amount of whirring sound is quite natural for any boiler. But if you find it making some unusual noises such as banging, clanging, or whistling, that might be an indication of something very wrong. Such a sound might mean that your boiler is struggling to function with its huge limescale deposits, low water pressure, and any wrong boiler part, and finding it hard time to give its service. Installing a new boiler, here, can get you a silent, effective, and worry-free service.

Uneven heating: A low-capacity boiler can be the reason behind such unequal heat distribution in your workplace. So some places are even left cold as the boiler can not make it to heat it up. Even an incorrectly installed boiler pipe or boiler vent can also be the reason.

Drop-in Performance: No matter how old or new your boiler is, we want it to give the right service. Mostly, when it’s your commercial space, a slight fall in your boiler service quality can leave a bad impact on the people. Boiler Replacement can be the best way to solve the issue.

Corrosion: A boiler with corrosion is almost a damaged boiler, that needs immediate replacement. So if your old boiler is showing signs of corrosion and such damage, a new corrosion-resistant boiler can better replace it to give you more reliable service.

Leakages: Now, what if you find water dripping out of your boiler? Boiler performance will deteriorate due to low pressure. But if it’s a gas leakage, that is something far more dangerous. Proper steps should be taken to get it fixed soon by a qualified gas engineer. Rather, you can get it replaced to give your commercial space a safe and potent service.


At  F.A.S Plumbing & Heating Ltd., we understand how boiler downtime can affect your work environment. Thereby, we are here to give you the most prompt service for any Commercial Boiler Installation, Commercial Boiler Repair, or Commercial Boiler Service.
Being insured and bonded, we can give you the best quality service with the peace of mind of a safe and steady work environment. Moreover, we have got the expertise to give you a good consultation prior to the purchase to make it give you the best returns.